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Anna Campbell-Jones

Dazzle Dugs A3

Dazzle Dugs A3

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I have always loved Wally Dugs, I bought one in Shetland while I was filming to go with my Staffordshire cat. I love their daft expressions so I drew this cranky pair and dazzled them with 'Forth', coz why not?

Printed on recycled heavy weight unbleached paper the art print is posted to you flat, mix it with art pieces you already own to update your gallery wall, add it to other prints from my range or let these chaps stand proudly alone

At a standard A3 size it's super easy to buy a standard frame to fit it either with or without a mount. If you have an existing frame you could recycle it, maybe use one of the colours suggested in the 'Paint Colours' section to give it an update

Made in the UK


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