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Anna Campbell-Jones

Lundy Reed Diffuser 200ml

Lundy Reed Diffuser 200ml

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Vibrant and floral, the Lundy Fragrance is infused with a variety of floral tones, ranging from bluebells to hyacinth, rose and jasmine. The Lundy Diffuser introduces a joyful and lively aroma to your living space

Candles are great on dark winter nights but for year round fragrance room diffusers are the answer, quietly and continuously enhancing your home. Keep the lid of the bottle to wash and reuse it for homemade lotions and potions

I have sourced a signature scents to capture the essence each of the ranges each available as a soy wax candle, diffuser and room & linen mist. All are made specially for me in Scotland by House of Rothach, a small luxury vegan fragrance company founded in 2019.

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