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Anna Campbell-Jones

Olympic Art Print

Olympic Art Print

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This is a reimagining of the iconic dazzle design that was applied to the sister ship of the Titanic in 1917. Built for the White Star Line at Harland and Wolff in Belfast she was virtually identical to her sister

Nicknamed 'Old Reliable', the RMS Olympic was used as a troop carrier and remained unscathed due in part to her stunning camouflage, she returned to service as an Ocean Liner until the great depression and she was sadly scrapped in 1935.

Truly a heroic life for what was the largest Ocean liner until 1913, a large dance hall in Halifax, where she regularly docked, was named in her honour 'Olympic Gardens'

Her first commander was called Captain Haddock!

Limited edition of 40 in this colour-way

printed on unbleached A3 chunky paper in the UK


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