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Anna Campbell-Jones

Olympic Cushion Cover

Olympic Cushion Cover

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Introducing the Olympic Cushion Cover: 


To celebrate the 2024 Olympics I have reimagined the iconic dazzle pattern, a cheerful combination of off-black, breezy bright blue and battleship grey tones, that was applied to this plucky vessel. A limited edition of 20 on this fabric, using the last of this fabric that I have available to me

And here's a sustainable idea! I am selling these covers without pads, the size has been designed to take a standard pillow. By being smaller than a standard pillow you will get a firm plump cushion whilst making use of that old pillow that you once upgraded from but couldn't bear to throw away, giving it new purpose in life and in your home 

The slightly older twin sister ship of the Titanic in 1917 she was built as a luxury liner for the White Star Line at Harland and Wolff in Belfast 

Nicknamed 'Old Reliable', the RMS Olympic was used as a troop carrier and remained unscathed due in part to her stunning camouflage, she returned to service as an Ocean Liner until the great depression and she was sadly scrapped in 1935.

Truly a heroic life for what was the largest Ocean liner until 1913, a large dance hall in Halifax, where she regularly docked, was named in her honour 'Olympic Gardens'

Her first commander was called Captain Haddock! One of Norman Wilkinson's nautical paintings 'Approach to the New World' was commissioned for the first class smoking room, it survived

There is a different design on each side so you could get two and flip one for a mismatched look inspired by the nautical theme of Port and Starboard

Crafted from a premium blend of natural unbleached linen and cotton, the Olympic Cushion cover boasts a unique digital print that adds a touch of sophistication and drama to any room

Experience British craftsmanship at its finest, as each cushion cover is thoughtfully made in Scotland - I worked closely with the team at Lanfine, which has been in business in Ayrshire since 1926, to print our designs on heavy weight unbleached, UK woven & finished 53% Linen 47% cotton blend ensuring durability and a natural tactile quality

Stimulate all your senses by adding the accompanying home fragrance, with top-notes of Vetiver, Fig & Amber that embody the sophisticated back story of this incredible ship

Transform your space by painting accessories or a wall (or four) with one of the suggested coordinating British Standard paint colours


COVER FABRIC: 53% Linen and 47% Cotton


PAD: Use any standard pillow


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